A good reason to stay in


Why go out when you can experience the full magic of the cinema in your own home surrounded by your family and friends.  With stunning high-resolution images and Dolby atmos that transports you into the action with moving audio that flows all arround with breathtaking realism, why not let Konextions help you achieve that thrilling experience?
With everything that there is to consider for your dedicated cinema room. The seating, acoustic treatments, projector and cinema screen, it is important to get it right first time.  

Every Cinema is different and Konextions can provide you with everything you could possibly need, from acoustic walls to cinema seating. A cinema tailor made for your home!

Here are just some of the possibilities for your cinema:

  • Fixed projector screens
  • Motorised stealth screens
  • HD projectors
  • Hidden ceiling mounted projectors
  • HD Plasma screens
  • Media servers
  • Plasma lifts – for hiding plasmas in purpose built furniture
  • In-wall Speakers
  • Motorised speakers
  • Lighting installation & control
  • Full room integration
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