Multi-room audio systems


Distributed Audio

Distributed audio or otherwise known as multi-room audio systems.

Multi-room audio systems enable you to listen to your favourite audio anywhere around your home or garden.

Using multiple source inputs allows the listener to choose from radio, DAB, CD, iPod or to select and listen to any track stored on an audio server. Audio servers can hold 1000’s of tracks/albums, so the whole family can store their music and listen whenever and wherever they want, no more searching through your CD’s

Control of these systems can be from a simple remote or a wall mounted keypad situated in each room/zone to being fully integrated into your home automation system.

Systems can include discreet in-ceiling speakers or flush in-wall speakers, wall  speakers disguised as pictures, or high end audiophile speakers. There is a producs to suit every budget.

Multi-zone systems make it easier to enjoy your music whenever and wherever you want. Audio at your finger tips.

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